Restaurant Review: Huy Ky Mi Gia, Seattle, WA

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Last night was too hot to cook, but for some reason I really wanted noodle soup.  I looked to my trusty source Yelp and decided on Huy Ky Mi Gia, a noodle house in the International District.  I can't really call this a restaurant review, because we ordered food for pickup - mainly because one of the reviews warned that it is small and steamy on hot days.  Good to know, right?  We ordered three dishes, got enough food for at least two meals, and the bill was approximately $25.  Awesome.
On to the food!
Dish 1:  Braised duck noodle soup.  This soup was referenced in 35 Yelp reviews, and those reviewers were spot on.  This soup is a-mazing.   Fresh egg noodles, delicious duck, tasty broth and veggies - it was a perfect combination and we slurped down the entire giant bowl.  I definitely would go back just to get this soup.
Dish 2: BBQ Pork Chow Mein.  Excellent crispy noodles that you can't really see under all of that BBQ pork and veggies!  Also very good - my only complaint was that the BBQ pork slices were super thin, a little stingy.  Overall good dish though. 

Dish 3:  Fried Butter Garlic Chicken Wings.  Anything with butter is better, right?  Greasy, garlic-y, crispy delicousness.  Enough said.  I would also go back and order these again - maybe in a month or so when I feel like my arteries have unclogged from this order.  =)

Here is the link to Huy Ky Mi Gia's website with their menu and directions if you are interested:  
Thanks for reading!

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