Homemade: Egg Muffins

A couple of weeks ago, Grace of FashionEdible posted a recipe for egg muffins that I knew I had to try.  These egg muffins are like mini omelets, but in the perfect, portable size!  I made a batch for a coworker's birthday breakfast yesterday, and lucky for me everyone gave them a thumbs up.  Because they are so simple to make, I want to share the recipe with you today.  Thanks so much to Grace for posting this recipe for me to copy!  =)

This is a recipe that you can whip up in less than 30 minutes, and you can vary the ingredients according to your taste.  The first layer is the base: I used regular bread, but you can use gluten free bread crumbs like Grace did if you prefer!

The second layer is chopped broccoli.  The original recipe called for steamed broccoli, but I finely chopped mine and left it uncooked because I like my veggies firm.  I bet asparagus or bell pepper would be delicious too.  I also sprinkled in a bit of finely chopped jalapeno.

Next up is the eggs.  Beat eggs in a bowl and add salt and pepper, like you would for an omelet.  I used seven eggs for this dozen muffins.  Grace at FashionEdible used six eggs in her version, and added some milk.  I didn't have any milk at home, so I used one more egg.  Pour the eggs evenly into the muffin pan, and top with your favorite grated cheese.  You can see I'm a little messy and liberal with my cheese.  ;)

 Pop in the oven for twenty minutes at 350 degrees, and you have a dozen tasty breakfast treats!

If you are interested, the red silicon muffin pan that I used is the HIC Brands that Cook Essentials Silicone 12-Cup Muffin Pan, $13.18 on Amazon right now.  It's 100% silicone, the egg muffins just popped right out, and cleaning is a snap.  Check out the pan here.

I hope this recipe inspires you to make your own version of these delicious egg muffins!  Thanks so much for reading and happy hump day!

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