Porsche World Roadshow

This post is going to deviate from fashion and food to another subject that is relevant to my interests:  fast cars.  Last Saturday, August 18, we had the opportunity to attend the Porsche World Roadshow at the Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton, WA.  It was a 1.5 hour drive to get over there, but definitely worth the drive.

When we first arrived, we sat in a session where instructors from the Porsche Racing School gave us a rundown on the racing school as well as our activities for the day.  We were told that potential Porsche owners would never get the opportunity to really get a feel for these cars on a standard road test drive, so they put the roadshow together in order to allow us all to take the cars on "spirited test drives."  Plus they also want you to sign up for the Porsche driving school, which looks like fun but is a harsh on the pocketbook - about $30K for all four courses.

The first activity for our group consisted of laps around the track in a Panamera, 911 Carrera, and 911 Carrera S.  The cars were lined up with an instructor in a "pace" car in front, who would give verbal guidance on how to take each turn over walkie talkies that were placed in the doors of each car.  We were paired up and each person took a lap as the driver and a lap as the passenger for each of the three cars - total of six laps.  Here is a map of the track that I took off of the Ridge Motorsports Park's website:

What you can't see in this map are the elevation changes that added additional challenges to the course!  Great track for people who know how to drive...but now comes my rant.  The pace cars would only go as fast as the person directly behind them would follow, and then they would slow down to wait for the stragglers to catch up.  Now I'm not complaining that I got to drive these awesome cars on the track, I just wish that they would have separated the drivers by skill level.  I had many Jeremy Clarkson "COME ON!!!!" moments stuck behind people going 20mph around a turn.    The best lap was my last one, when I was in the Panamera on the tail of the pace car the entire time, but the instructor still slowed down to a crawl on turn 8 to let the other two cars catch up because they were so far behind.  That killed me - hopefully they will group people differently next time.

On to the photos!  Here is the setup - pace cars with drivers behind, all in a row.  Drivers clustered around anxiously waiting to get into the cars and get going.

This is me getting angry in the 911 S stuck in the back.  See me leaning forward?  That's me yelling at the car in front of me to go faster.  =)

Here I am happier in the Panamera getting a decent lap - you can totally see the smile.


After the track laps, they took us to an autocross course where we had the opportunity to drive the brand new Boxster S.  Sadly I don't have any good photos, but the Boxster S had a lot of pep!  The instructors were really pointing out the 15 hp increase to 315 over the 2012 model.  I can also see the Carrera GT resemblance from the side.  It looks and sounds great, but I'm still too emotionally attached to my S2000 to think about upgrading just yet.  I found this marketing photo to show you, since I don't have good ones from the event:

 Last but not least, we had a mini "drag strip" to test out the speed of the hybrid Cayenne and Panamera versus their gas brothers.  This was a great comparison to experience - these are not your grandmother's hybrids!  The hybrids were faster off the line and much more responsive than I expected.  If I were in the market for a hybrid SUV, I would seriously consider the Cayenne.

Here is the website for the roadshow for more info if you are interested:

Here is the website for the Ridge Motorsports Park as well:

Thanks for reading!

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