Restaurant Review: Zoe, Seattle, WA

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Last night's date night was a special occasion, and the location was a surprise.  My sweetheart took me to Zoe, a lovely little restaurant in the Central District of Seattle.  This restaurant was previously located in the Belltown neighborhood, but moved to the Central District in February of this year.  I love the new location - particularly because of the covered patio with large open doors.  Our reservation was fairly early (6pm) and it was perfect timing to sit out on the patio with the warm sun and cool breeze.   One of the servers even commented that they would never have been able to have the same open patio in Belltown because you never know who would wander on in...that made me smile and I am sure that those of you who live in Seattle as well will agree.
We brought our own bottle of wine:  a 2007 Round Pond Estate Cabernet.  Round Pond is located in Napa, California, and is the only winery to which I own a membership.  I love my big, juicy cabs and this winery delivers.  Every time.  The '07 Estate Cab is one of my favorites, and saved for nights like this one.

On to the food!  Our first dish was shaved beef tongue with a good combination of flavors.  Probably my least favorite of the dishes we had, but still very well prepared.

Our second dish was a proscuitto, endive, and nectarine salad with Marcona almonds.  I would order this again - it was savory, sweet, and refreshing.  A wonderful summer salad!  Those of you who know me know I love my proscuitto, so that alone pretty much sold it for me.

The third dish was the undisputed favorite of the night:  seared fois gras with a peach (I believe it was peach) puff pastry underneath.   This was one of the daily specials, but I sure hope that they have it again when we return.  I'm still thinking about how delicious it was...

 Our fourth dish was the spicy wild boar ragu.  Also amazing - the combination of the pappardelle, spicy ragu, arugula, and parmesan went perfectly together.  This dish is often mentioned in reviews of Zoe - for good reason!

Since all of the dishes were small plates, we had room for dessert!  First dessert:  macarons with chocolate liquor ganache, a drizzle of caramel and little balls of chocolate crunchy deliciousness!
 Second dessert:  coffee creme brulee with shortbread cookies.  I do love my burnt sugar and my coffee...put them together and I am a happy girl.

Final dessert:  vanilla fennel ice cream with biscotti.  I wasn't wild about the fennel - probably because it tastes a bit like black licorice to me and I very much dislike black licorice - but my sweetheart loved it.
After dinner, we decided to head over to Canon for aperatifs.  Canon is an amazing little bar in our neighborhood with too many liquor bottles on the walls to count, chill bartenders, and just a great atmosphere.  I had the Canon cocktail below - very nice presentation with the cannon image sprayed on top! 

I hope you enjoyed my review - thank you for reading!  If you have been thinking of dining at Zoe, I hope that this helps to make your decision either way.  The food, service, and atmosphere are excellent, and we truly enjoyed our experience.

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