Restaurant Review: Book Bindery, Seattle, WA

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Last Friday, we had the opportunity to try Book Bindery in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle for a dear friend's birthday.  The Book Bindery received its name because the location used to house a book bindery, and the main dining room looks like a home library with bookshelves on the wall.  So cute!  We sat out on the covered patio, which was just perfect for a warm, sunny summer evening.

On to the food!  First up was an amouse-bouche of a pureed cauliflower soup topped with black truffle oil.  It is hard to make cauliflower appealing, but this soup was delicious!  Just the right consistency and saltiness.  Loved it.
We brought our own bottle of wine and paid the $25 corkage fee.  This is a 2007 Cabernet from Hope & Grace winery in Napa Valley.  I love my big, juicy cabs and this one did not disappoint.
For our appetizer courses, we had the house smoked pork belly with Black-Eyed Peas, Red Wine Poached Apples, and Pork Jus.  I think pairing pork and apples is always delicious, and the saltiness of the pork jus balanced out the sweetness of the apples.  I also have to note that they gave us a huge piece!  I would definitely order this again.
Second appetizer was the Hudson Valley Fois Gras Terrine with Cocoa Nib Financier, Pickled Turnips, Cherries, and a Truffle-Madeira GelĂ©e.  The consistency was very mousse-like and rich.  Not my favorite dish, but I did love the presentation!
Another view of the Fois Gras Terrine with the cherries and pickled turnips.  I loved the look of this plate!
On to the main dishes.  I had the Duo of Rabbit with Bacon Wrapped Loin and Confit Leg, Golden Corn, Herb Spaetzle, and Maple-Bourbon Sauce.  I chose the rabbit because it was the most unique item on the menu - when else am I going to try rabbit?  I was not disappointed - it was delicious.  I loved the bacon-wrapped loin (who doesn't love anything wrapped in bacon), and the confit leg was tender and juicy, with a similar texture to duck.  The corn and herb spaetzle added nice texture to the dish, and the maple bourbon sauce was sweet and delicious!  Definitely a dish I would recommend.
Both boys at the table ordered the steak - the Grilled Mishima Ranch “Flavor Curve” with Gnocchi Parisienne, Young Carrots, and Sauce Bordelaise.  I didn't actually try any of it because it disappeared so quickly, but I heard it was tasty.  =)

The birthday girl ordered the Anderson Ranch Lamb Rack with Crispy Panisse, Artichokes, Roasted Tomato, and Garlic-Lamb Jus.  I did get to try a bite of the lamb, and it was also very good - tender and cooked just right at medium rare.

We opted out on dessert, instead driving to another nearby restaurant for sweet crepes because nothing really jumped out at us.  Overall, Book Bindery provided an excellent dining experience with attentive service and delicious food.  I would definitely return for another special occasion sometime.  I hope that if you are looking for a new restaurant to celebrate your own special occasion, you will consider Book Bindery too!  Thanks for reading!

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