Birthday Decor

Just a quick post today.  My birthday is tomorrow, and this one is the big 3-0!  I always like to take a trip around my birthday, and usually somewhere warm and sunny.  This year my boyfriend and I are going to Miami and Key West and I am super excited!  This will be my first trip to Florida, so if anyone has recommendations for places to eat and things to do, please share.  =)

My teammates decorated my cube this morning with a fabulous beach theme! 

The first thing I said when I walked in was: "Who owns this may beach balls??" Hahaha I love my team and that we always decorate each other's cubes with something fun for everyone's birthday.  They also gave me a list of "challenges" for my trip, sort of a scavenger hunt to take photos around Key West.  Does your work team have a unique way of celebrating birthdays?

Thanks for reading and happy Thursday!

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