Restaurant Review: Art of the Table, Seattle, WA

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I love this quote on the menu at Art of the Table, a tiny restaurant in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle.  "We cook with everything. If you're allergic to something, it's probably in there.  Let us know and we'll let you know."  Art of the Table is all about making amazing meals with fresh, local ingredients.  They work with local artisans, farmers, fishermen, and ranchers to meticulously source the ingredients for their menu, which changes frequently.  No compromises, just good food.

I had the wonderful opportunity to dine at Art of the Table this previous Sunday with dear friends.  There is an a la carte menu, or a tasting menu consisting of the entire menu minus three items.  Because we wanted the items not on the tasting menu, my boyfriend and I chose to go down the list and order everything on the menu to share, since the plates are small.  All of the dishes used seasonal ingredients, so it definitely was a "winter" themed meal.  Check out my visual tour of our meal below.  =)

We arrived a little bit early for our reservation, and started off with drinks at the bar.  This is a carbonated soda hand made and bottled in house, I believe it was Mitch who acted as host and bartender for the evening.  This soda is made of Washington viognier, rye, benedictine, peach liqueur, peach bitters, angostura bitters, and orange zest.  The peach flavor was very prominent, and the combination of ingredients made it very unique!

Our other drink at the bar was the "Chester Apricot," made of Bulleit rye, apricot liqueur, Amaro Tosolini (an herbal liqueur), Boker's bitters, and orange peel.  This one had a slightly syrupy consistency and great apricot flavor.  This was a great winter drink!

Our seats were at the bar looking in to the kitchen - a fantastic view to watch talented chef (Dustin?) at work.

Course 1: Red Rockfish Ceviche with chili oil, turnips, and potato crisps.  The potato crisps were the perfect delivery vehicle for this delicious ceviche!  The turnips were an interesting addition, and overall this was a very refreshing dish.

Course 2: Smoked salmon rillettes, pickled rhubarb relish, mustard, and hominy toast.  This was a more generous helping than I was expecting, with great smoky flavor and a thick layer of rendered fat.

Course 3:  Salad comprised of treviso, greens, seared onion, pickled apple & celeriac, pecan vinaigrette, and gouda crack.  It is tough to get really excited about greens, but this salad was very good!  I really liked the flavor of the pickled apple and celeriac, and the pecan vinaigrette helped to soften the bitter treviso.

Course 4: Roasted garlic-parsnip soup with pear, sunchoke chips, and vanilla oil.  This was another one of my favorite dishes and is perfect for a cold, wet winter day!  The vanilla oil really made this a winner - and it makes me want to look up some recipes so that I can attempt to recreate.  =)

Course 5: Pumpkin cheesecake with parmesan crust, brussel sprout slaw, fennel seed whippy, and pancetta vinaigrette.  This dish was the biggest surprise - it was sweet but yet savory at the same time and was one of my favorites of the night because it was so unique.  The parmesan crust was phenomenal and the brussel sprouts were delicious with the vinaigrette!

Course 6: Rabbit and foie gras terrine with lentils, carrot puree, duck cracklin's, and grandma's pickle vinaigrette.  This was definitely the richest dish, and amazingly good.  The lentils and carrot puree added the wintery touch and made the dish more unique than others that I have tried.

Course 7: Seared polenta with lamb sugo, roasted turnips and brussel sprouts, and arugula puree.  Another hearty winter dish - I love polenta and this did not disappoint!  Anyone who can make brussel sprouts appealing is a winner in my book.  =)

Course 8: Wild Steelhead Trout with cumin-coriander cabbage, harissa yogurt, mustard pickled cauliflower, and herb-lemon-caper vinaigrette.  The fish was cooked perfectly, and the wintery veggies plus strong spices complimented very well - I was also pleasantly surprised by this dish.

Course 9: Duck neck soup with house-made noodles, abalone mushrooms, pickles, delicata & daikon, garlic oil, and crispy gizzard confit.  This was my favorite dish of the night.  The fresh noodles, the savory broth, the tender duck, and the crispy gizzard confit made one amazing bowl of soup.

Course 9: Dinah's Camembert with red onion-plum chutney, Shipwreck honey, candied walnuts, and crostini made an excellent final course.

What a meal!  It was inspiring to see the meticulous preparation of each dish, and you can tell that everyone in this restaurant is passionate about what they serve.  We also let Phil choose our wine pairings, and were very pleased with his choices.  Art of the Table is a tiny, intimate restaurant that is tucked away in Wallingford, but makes you feel like you have been transported to Napa or Sonoma for the evening.
If you are interested in dining at Art of the Table, I absolutely recommend it.  Here is their website for additional information:
I hope you enjoyed this photo tour of our meal, and thanks so much for reading!

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