Modcloth x Wanelo "Uniquely You" Campaign

Modcloth recently invited me to participate in their "Uniquely You" campaign, where they choose a featured item each week and ask bloggers to style an outfit around that item using the free Wanelo app.  We use other great items found on Modcloth to create our storyboard, and Modcloth chooses a winner each week to be featured on their Wanelo page with a link back to the winning blog.  You probably already know that I think Modcloth has a fabulous collection of items: I've featured skirts, tops, and shoes on this blog all purchased from over the last couple of years.  It is one of those sites that becomes a black hole for me...I can spend hours in the Modcloth app finding items to add to my wishlist and purchase.

This week's featured item is a nautical dress, and right up my alley style-wise:

Effie's Heart "Sailboat-load of Fun Dress," $89.99 here

I'm so glad that this week's featured item is something that I would happily wear, because it makes it so easy to create an outfit around it!  For accompanying pieces, I picked items that also suit my style: a light jacket to shield from rain showers (because locals know that summer arrives in Seattle promptly on July 5th), a roomy tote to hold all of my essentials, and comfy sandals for all-day adventures.  A denim shirt can either be layered under the dress or knotted over, a simple and classy watch, a cheeful necklace, and a striped scarf that I would knot around my head round out this casual look.  I would wear this outfit out to a weekend brunch, shopping, or just running errands around the city in style.

"Walk the Rainway Raincoat," $79.99 here
"Uptown Errands Bag," $169.99 here 
"Spring Bake Sale Sandal," $89.99 here
"Whidbey Island Top" in twilight (also available in daybreak and stars), $37.99 here
 "Time Floats By Watch" in gold, $114.99 here
"Bright and Baubly Necklace," $19.99 here
"Bow to Stern Scarf" in navy stripe, $7.99 here

You can also see my storyboard on Wanelo here.

How would you style a spring outfit with this lovely nautical dress?  Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a great week!

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