Restaurant Review: Kaisho Brunch, Seattle, WA

Last weekend, we decided to have a Valentine's Day brunch date at a fairly new Asian fusion restaurant in our neighborhood called Kaisho.  Kaisho means "meeting or gathering place," and offers what they call a "boozy dim sum brunch" on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 3pm.  Sounds good, right?  The brunch menu reminds me of Tray Kitchen, another Seattle restaurant I reviewed recently here.  Kaisho opened this summer and is located in the space formerly occupied by Boom Noodle on 12th and East Pike, if you are familiar with the area.  It is owned by the same company who own Blue C Sushi and Boom Noodle, however, this is not a chain restaurant.  It is a new concept by Executive Chef Kalen Schramke with dishes inspired by his travels through Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.  Since we get up fairly early anyway, we arrived at Kaisho right at 10am on Saturday morning.  It was a little dark inside, but they have a huge space and we were able to sit by the window.  Service was prompt and very friendly, so we were seated immediately and ordered a large french press of Caffe Vita light roast (my guy's favorite!).  Please read on for photos and details of our tasty meal.

We ordered a couple of small plates and one large plate to share.  The first small plate was this bacon and egg steamed bun with oven dried tomato and thai basil.  A little messy, but a delicious combo that I would definitely order again.

The second small plate we ordered was this Portuguese sausage breakfast taco with moo shoo tortilla, fried egg, and cabbage slaw.  There are four options for breakfast tacos, and this one is also messy but delicious.  I would also order one of these again.

From the large plate section, we ordered this bao benedict with dragon sauce (chili hollandaise - yum!), smoked pork, and escarole served on a biscuit.  Benedicts are my favorite breakfast dish, so when I saw they had a unique one I knew I had to try it.  I read in initial reviews that this benedict was served on a chinese style bun (aka bao or baozi), but my plate definitely contained a biscuit.  It was tasty, don't get me wrong, but I was a little confused and curious if they ran out or changed the menu.  I would try this dish again - but first clarifying that I was actually getting baozi in my bao benedict.  I thought that the flavor combination was delicious!

The full brunch menu is above, also posted online at  The chicken and waffles were highlighted in several other reviews, so I will have to try that next time. In addition to brunch, Kaisho serves dinner, happy hour, and late night happy hour until 12 midnight Sunday through Thursday and until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays.  Not that many places in Seattle serve food until 2am on the weekends, so I will definitely keep Kaisho in mind for late night eats in the city.  Thank you for visiting my blog today, and I hope you have a great weekend!

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