Restaurant Review: Girin, Seattle, WA

It is finally Friday!  Fridays are always a great day to celebrate the beginning of the weekend with happy hour, and today I want to share with you a new restaurant in town with a fantastic happy hour.  Girin is a fairly new Korean restaurant in Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood; it opened up this March in a big, beautiful space right by Centurylink Field.  Girin labels itself as a steakhouse and ssam bar (ssam being Korean lettuce wraps), so let's call it modern Korean cuisine.  I really like that Girin's happy hour runs from 4-7 in the bar, because the extra hour helps make it feasible for people who work until 5 or 6pm.  We stopped by for happy hour earlier this week, arriving at a little before 6pm and finding plenty of open bar tables and counter space.  We tried almost every dish on the menu, because the plates were small and admittedly we were hungry.  Please read on for photo and details of our happy hour meal at Girin.

One half of the happy hour menu with a peek into the bar space.

Yukhwe (like beef carpaccio), with shaved raw beef, pine nuts, and a quail egg yolk.

On the bottom is "trotters and cracklins" with pork trotter croquettes, pickled radish, and sea salt.  The cracklins reminded us of a similar dish we enjoyed at the Purple Pig in Chicago last October!  On the top is the kalbi beef & kimchee mandu (dumplings), steamed.  You can get any of the mandu dishes steamed or fried.  I have to say, these two dishes were my favorites of our meal.

In the back are the $1 happy hour oysters (you get the chefs choice for that day), an awesome deal.  In the front is the scallion and ginger sausage ssam plate, which are lettuce wraps served with perilla leaf, ssamjang (the spicy paste), garlic, and chiles.

These are the green onion pancakes, pajeon.  Instead of one big one, you get four little ones, and I liked that the smaller size made them more crispy.

This is another mandu dish, but these are pan-fried roasted pork and nettle.  I really like that all mandu dishes are available either steamed or fried, it is so great to have the options!

I hope you enjoyed this visual tour of our happy our meal at Girin, and I definitely recommend going for happy hour if you are in the area.  Dinner prices were steep, so I do not think I will be going for dinner anytime soon.  However, I appreciate that Girin is so close to my home and will definitely return again for happy hour.  Thank you for visiting my blog today, and I hope you have a great weekend!

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