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Travel Style: Tulle Skirt + Off-the-Shoulder Sweater

I know what you are thinking: how is a tulle skirt practical for travel?? Let me explain. Being a fashion blogger, I plan outfits around what I think will look good in that location and I absolutely love dressing up in the city of Rome, Italy. It could be the stunning architecture that creates gorgeous backdrops for photos, or the fact that Italian women and men are just so stylish that they set a high fashion bar. It could also be my inner Carrie Bradshaw's fault, but this tulle skirt has found a place in my Italy-bound suitcase two years in a row. Last year, I styled this tulle skirt for an afternoon stroll through some of Rome's main tourist attractions and dinner (you can view that post here). However, if you have visited the beautiful city of Rome you know just how crowded the streets get during the day. This year, one of my girlfriends agreed to wake up super early on a Sunday morning to beat the crowds and take photos at the two main tourist sights: Trevi Fountain and …

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