Fitting Room: Anthropologie

I happened to walk by Anthropologie yesterday morning (Saturday) after barre to find out that there was a surprise 20% off storewide sale: an Anthro Day.  Since I had some free time, I decided to try on a few things and take photos of how they fit.  That proved to be dangerous, because I walked out of the store with a few irresistible fall items.  Anthro members receive 20% off storewide in store or online this weekend - so through end of day tomorrow 09/20/15.  I posted one photo to Instagram of the cape and dress I purchased, and be sure to scroll through this post to see the rest of the items I tried with links and fit information.

Cape: Exact here, I'm wearing size XS.  I love red, so I was immediately drawn to this cape when I saw it.  The weight is more sweater than coat, which I also like.  It seems to fit true to size, because the XS fit me perfectly.  This cape is a keeper - it came home with me.

Dress: Exact here, I'm wearing size 2.  I also fell in love with this dress because of the fall-like leaf print, touches of blue and red, and the fact that it has pockets!  It was not merchandised next to the cape, but I think they look lovely together.  I would say this dress runs true to size, but I considered sizing up to be able to layer something under the dress for fall.  The size 2 also came home with me.

Skirt: Exact here, I'm wearing size XS.  The navy print on this skirt is fabulous, and I like that it is made of a stretchy knit fabric.  It fit true to size, and I was very tempted to buy this one.  However, I already have so many pencil skirts!  I am going to wait and see if it goes on sale further, because then it would be pretty much impossible to resist.
Top: Exact here, I'm wearing size XS.  This peplum top was also very pretty, but I also have a number of similar tops so I passed on this one.  It would also be tempting if marked down further.

 Skirt: Exact here, I'm wearing size 0.  This skirt is a thick cotton material, which I really liked, and the size zero landed just above my knee.  I think this skirt will look great with a brown leather jacket and boots.  I brought this one home with me to try on with a few existing pieces in my closet.
 Top: Exact here, I'm wearing size S.  This top is a perfect lightweight wool knit, but pricey for what it is.  It's part of the new Alexa Chung for AG collection, so I'm sure that's why more expensive.  I do think the color is perfect for fall.

Top: Exact here, I'm wearing size X.  This top is adorable, but I had already spent enough between the cape, dress, and skirt.  It fits true to size, and is a lightweight cotton material.  I think it would be so cute under a sweater for fall, and the price is reasonable!

Poncho: Exact here, one size.  I kind of didn't want to take this off, it was that comfortable!  Being a one size fits all, I thought this would feel too long but it actually felt just right.  I love the color, and this is another piece I will be scoping out on sale.
If you are not already an Anthropologie member, you can sign up to get the same 20% discount off your purchase through end of day tomorrow (Sunday 09/20/15).  Thank you for visiting my blog today, and I hope you have a great rest of your weekend!


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