Restaurant Review: Nahm, Bangkok, Thailand

Thank you to everyone who entered my latest giveaway! I am currently on vacation in Southeast Asia, and will choose a winner as soon as I get back this next weekend. One of the highlights of our trip so far was dinner at Nahm in Bangkok. Nahm is currently ranked as #13 on the World's Best 50 list as well as #1 in Asia. Head Chef David Thompson's former London restaurant with the same name was the first Thai restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star, and the current location within the Metropolitan Hotel is a must-stop for epicureans visiting Bangkok. Please read on for photos and details of our fantastic meal.

Cocktails to start: a thai Sabai with Mekong whiskey and a raspberry caphirinia.

Nam poo: sweet, sticky pork served on pineapple wedges.

Blue swimmer crabs, peanuts, and pickled garlic on rice cakes.

Prawn and coconut wafer with pickled ginger.

Grilled mussels, southern style.

Green mango salad with grilled pork and sour leaves.

Hot and sour soup of chicken, prawns, and wild mushrooms.

Grilled beef salad with cucumber and mint.

Steamed coral trout with bang rak yellow beans and pickled garlic.

Coconut and turmeric curry with blue swimmer crab and calamansi lime.

Sweet prawn relish.

Sand whiting fish deep fried with turmeric and fresh vegetables, to dip in the above sweet prawn relish.

Durian with sticky rice.

Coconut ash pudding with poached bananas.

I hope you enjoyed these photos of our delicious dinner at Nahm. What is your favorite Thai dish or restaurant?  Thank you for visiting my blog today, and I hope you have a great rest of your week!


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