Spectre Style: Madeleine Swann

Have you seen the new James Bond movie, Spectre?  We went to see it two weekends ago because the weather was dismal here in Seattle: downpouring rain + gusting winds = perfect movie weather in my book.  James Bond movies are always a great source of fashion inspiration, and you may have seen my previous posts on Skyfall style (Eve Moneypenny & James Bond).  Those Skyfall posts still get weekly hits, and it's no surprise because James Bond and the Bond girls are ultimate stylish globetrotters.  Today, in my first installment, I want to focus on the Bond girl Madeleine Swann, played by Léa Seydoux.  I am highlighting three looks worn by Madeleine Swann in Spectre--my three favorites for this character.  Possible spoiler alert if you have not yet seen the movie, but most of these images are promotional ones from 007.com and I tried to not reveal anything bit from the plot.

Outfit #1: white on white travel outfit.  Madeleine steps off the train in a white silky blouse and white wide leg pants, accessorized with a Chloe crossbody bag and sunglasses.  I instantly recognized the bag, as I'm sure many of you did, and although I was not able to find the rest of the exact pieces I am  sure they are just as expensive.  Scroll down to see how I recreated the look for less with items that are all currently available online and priced under $100 (be sure to click right to see all pieces in the widget)!

Image from http://www.007.com/

 Outfit #2: light green evening gown on the train to nowhere.  This dress is in many of the promotional shots for Spectre, and rightly so.  It looks amazing on Madeleine!  I question why a gal would bring a long satin evening gown like this on a train from Morocco to the middle of nowhere, but it's a Bond movie and this Bond girl makes quite the entrance in the dining car.  The exact dress is the Ghost Salma Dress in dusty green, priced at £225 GBP/approximately $342 USD depending on the current exchange rate.  Scroll down to see more gorgeous evening dresses available in shades of light green and priced lower than the original.

 Images from http://www.007.com/
Outfit #3: Blue Lace Dress--Oberhauser's choice.  James and Madeleine are told to meet their host Franz Oberhauser for dinner, and she finds this Venus Lover dress on the bed in her room along with a pair of Jimmy Choo sandals.  This villain has expensive taste, as this dress retails for $1,095 and the heels retail for $795.  This dress seems to be sold out everywhere, but I've picked out several similar options that are currently available and all priced at $190 or less!

Which outfit is your favorite?  I hope you enjoyed this run-through of my favorite Madeleine Swann outfits from Spectre, and please stay tuned for a similar post for James Bond's outfits.  Also, be sure to check out both of the current giveaways: the $40 CaseApp giveaway to design your own custom iPhone case (or other models available), and the $200 Target giveaway, with perfect timing for Holiday shopping.  Thank you for visiting my blog today, and I hope you have a great rest of your week!

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