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I hope you had a great weekend!  Today I want to talk about the challenge of finding clothing with a perfect fit for your body.  It's nearly impossible, right?  The reality is that major brand labels have to do the best they can to fit as many people as possible with a limited size range.  If you really want pieces to fit your exact shape and size, the best way is to accomplish that is to have clothing custom-made.  Now the term custom-made sounds expensive, but a custom piece of clothing does not have to break the bank.  I was recently contacted by a company called Rita and Phill: a small team of women working to change the clothes shopping experience by offering custom pieces at the quality of designer brands but the price of regular stores.  They asked if I was interested in a custom fit skirt of my choice, and of course I said yes!  I chose a zip-up pencil skirt called the "Elaine" in a black faux snakeskin fabric, sent my measurements to the Rita and Phill team, and received a gorgeous skirt in the mail about seven weeks later (my timing was longer than usual due to the Lunar New Year holiday and a backup of orders, I think the normal leadtime is just a few weeks).  My skirt looks amazing and fits like a glove!  I usually have a hard time finding pencil skirts that fit both my small waist and my booty, but this one fits both comfortably.  For my first outfit styling, I chose a combination of faux fur, leopard, and olive.  Scroll down for more photos (don't miss the snakeskin detail on this skirt!), outfit details, and more information on how to create your own custom fit clothing with Rita and Phill.

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Skirt: exact here
Faux Fur Vest: old, similar here
Sweater: exact here
Pumps: no longer available, but I'm loving this pair (currently on sale!)
Clutch: old, splurge on the Claire V style or save on this Topshop piece
Necklace: old, check out this spiked pearl necklace 
Watch: exact no longer available online, but similar versions here and here
Sunglasses: exact no longer available, but similar here

So how does the Rita and Phill team create perfectly fitting pieces?

Rita and Phill only needs 3 simple measurements from you: your waist, hips and thighs.  Those numbers are then plugged into their design system, along with your height and a hand-drawn custom pattern is created for your body.  Every skirt undergoes its own analysis, and a separate pattern is made for every single different skirt they make. Rita and Phill then manufactures everything in their in-house studio and then ships it directly to their customers.  All the middlemen are cut from the process so they are able to pass on the savings to their customers.


Every Rita and Phill skirt is truly a labor of love.  The key to their high quality products is in the perfectly executed details. At Rita and Phill, they use classic hand-stitched techniques found only at the most exclusive designer brands. From the fabric selection to the construction and stitching, their techniques have been meticulously selected to give you the perfect combination of fashion, comfort and fit.


When your order is received, the initial stop is with their Pattern Team. They evaluate the design you selected with your measurements, creating a unique pattern for each skirt that is ordered. This ensures that you get a skirt that is made for your body and your curves.

At Rita and Phill, they believe that quality products require quality production. Their production group works in teams, which they call clusters. Each cluster consists of 2-3 highly skilled tailors who are capable of creating the entire piece on their own. This is important because it means that any issues that may arise during the production process is usually caught early on, when it is easy and less time consuming to fix. Your skirts stay with the same cluster the entire time it is in production, ensuring that it gets the care and attention that it deserves.

This in-house production process allows them to provide the highest quality control over every skirt. There are no assembly lines; instead, all of their skirts are hand-made with care and attention to detail.

How are Rita and Phill Different?

What makes Rita and Phill different is that they’ve created a unique pattern system that is personalized for each body type.  They have worked with women of many shapes and sizes and have used their experiences to understand and create custom adjustments to each skirt according to each woman’s measurement, body shape, height, and proportions. This means that they don’t just change the measurements on each skirt.  They also use a different cut, to make sure the skirt not only fits you, but that it also flatters your specific body type.

To learn more about Rita and Phill, you can check out their website as well as these videos on YouTube:

Have you ever tried purchasing custom clothing?  If so, what was your experience?  Thank you for visiting my blog today, don't forget to enter the IKEA giveaway (1 day left to enter) and the Target Instagram giveaway (2 weeks left to enter), and I hope you have a great week!

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Financial compensation was not received for this post. Product was provided free of charge from Rita and Phill, but the opinions expressed here are my own.

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