Men's Fashion: "Mad Men" Style

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Suit: Banana Republic "Mad Men" Collection 
Shirt: "Slim Fit Non-Iron Textured Solid Shirt" in blue, $49.99 (on sale!) at Banana Republic here
Bow Tie: "Stripe Bow Tie" in black, $29.99 (on sale!) at Tommy Hilfiger here

I have received several requests to show men's fashion, so I am very excited to feature my stylish coworker Dan as my guest star today!  Dan is not a blogger, but always wears on-trend outfits at the office and I think he should be.  Don't you?  Dan is wearing a suit from the fall 2011 Banana Republic "Mad Men" collection with Banana Republic slim-fit non-iron shirt and a Tommy Hilfiger bow tie.  I absolutely love this look, and think that Banana Republic's 1960's inspired "Mad Men" collection is classy and timeless.

Dan's suit is not longer available, but there is a very similar suit in Banana Republic's current "BR Monogram" collection:

 Left: BR Monogram Grey Windowpane Wool Suit Blazer, $500 here 
Middle:  BR Monogram Grey Windowpane Wool Suit Vest, $150 here
Right: BR Monogram Grey Windowpane Wool Suit Trouser, $248 here

On the women's fashion front, Banana Republic has also just launched their "Anna Karenina" to coincide with the release of the movie starring Kiera Knightly and Jude Law, opening on November 16th.  Shop the "Anna Karenina" collection here

What do you think of the revival of 1960's style?  Is it timeless or old-fashioned?  For my male readers, would you wear this style?  For my female readers, would you want your man to wear this style?

Thanks for reading!  Friday is finally here, and I hope you all are having a great one!

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