Travel Log: Key West, Florida

My boyfriend and I had a wonderful, relaxing, week-long vacation in Key West last week over my 30th birthday.  We spent two days in South Beach and then made a leisurely drive down from Miami to Key West where we spent the remainder of our trip.  I really enjoyed the four-hour drive from Miami to Key West, consisting of miles and miles of blue-green water, birds flying overhead, and the occasional group of fishermen. The laid-back pace of the islands was exactly what I was hoping for on this particular trip - the only outing we planned in advance was a two-hour, 27-mile jet ski tour around the island (and even that was only one afternoon in advance).  Key West is not a beach destination (the few small beaches are man-made from sand brought in from the Caribbean) but there are many watersports including jetskiing, snorkeling, and fishing to enjoy. Bars and restaurants are plentiful on Duval Street, the main street in town, and if you walk a little farther off the main strip you can find smaller restaurants with amazing Caribbean food such as El Siboney and Mo's Restaurant.  If you are considering visiting Key West, send me a message and I would be happy to share more details!

Check out this selection of photos from our trip:

The Marina.

Christmas tree, Key West style.

Tourist pic from the southernmost point in the continental U.S.

Chickens roam everywhere.

Garbo's Grill, the popular food truck/stand in town.  We waited 40 minutes for our food but it was delicious (see below).

Mahi mahi tacos with mango and delicious secret sauce from Garbo's Grill.

Korean-style short rib burrito from Garbo's Grill.

Denny's Latin Cafe in Key Largo - they had delicious conch fritters (see below)!

Conch fritters from Denny's Latin Cafe.

Cuban sandwich from Denny's Latin Cafe. 

Oh look, they pulled my car around for me on Duvall Street!  ;)

Photo with one of the locals...

One of many gorgeous sunsets in Mallory Square near where the cruise ships dock.

Cheese!  Postcard pic.

Jetski pic before we headed out on the water..luckily we got wetsuits because there were two and three foot waves on one side of the island.  We got soaked!

The Key Largo Conch House, site of the Man vs. Food conch fritter challenge!

Lobster ceviche at the Conch House.

Conch fritters at the Conch House - they used curry in their recipe which was something unique from other restaurants and quite good!

Cafe con leche and key lime pie at the Conch House.  This was the best key lime pie of our trip in my opinion - and we tried many.  ;)

I forget which Key this was, but it was such a serene scene I had to snap a picture.

Same key as the above photo, a very pretty little marina on our way back to Miami.  It makes a lovely parting shot.  =)

I hope you enjoyed this photo tour of our Key West vacation!  Thanks so much for reading.  =)


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! That "Christmas tree" is hilarious -are those crab pots? What a fun way to escape the Seattle cold!!! ~Sarah

    1. Haha you nailed it Sarah - they are totally wood crab pots! I thought it was very creative!


  2. It looks so gorgeous and warm there! Sounds like a fun time :)

  3. Great vaca pics Amber!! The food looks really yummy too. One day I'll have to try conch out.. is it like a snail though?? That's what I heard... 0_0

    xo - Sheila

  4. Awesome pics! My husband and I went there once and we LOVED it. Your pictures make me want to go back...

    What a perfect way to spend a birthday!


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