Topshop at Nordstrom

This week marked the launch of Topshop on Nordstrom!  This is very exciting news for Seattleites, considering that the only Topshop store stateside (that I'm aware of) is in NYC and Nordstrom is our favorite local department store.  Have you checked out the selection online yet?  Here are my favorite pieces from the online collection:

 A-Line Trench ($158) here
A simple, versatile knee-length khaki trench with the look of Burberry but a fraction of the price!  This is not waterproof as far as I can tell, but I'm sure you could treat it with a waterproof spray to make it more appropriate for Seattle weather.

Vectra Flat in Black ($58) here
I love the look of this studded smoking flat - it's very MJ (Eeehee!).  Smoking flats are all over this fall, and the studs on this one look edgy and cool.  I would wear these with skinny jeans, lots of hardware, and my best Billy Jean moves.

Skull Scarf ($36) here
I really like the print on this scarf - it looks like a charcoal sketch!   The skull is in the middle with leaves and flowers around it, so it is much more subtle.  I would wear this with my black leather jacket to soften it up while still feeling tough.

Lace Dress ($96) here
When I saw this dress, I immediately thought it looked like something Kate Middleton would wear.  I enjoy looking like an English princess - don't you?

There are many more styles online, and I can't wait to find some time to head down to the Southcenter Nordy's (why they didn't put Topshop in the flagship store downtown Seattle I have no idea) and check out the selection in person.  Thanks for reading!


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