Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

It is that time of year again--the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Even though right now is the middle of summer, it is also the time when all fashionistas scramble to get first pick at fall styles. This sale has so much history for those of us who grew up in the Seattle area, as long before online shopping was the norm families like mine had a tradition to get up super early, line up outside of their nearest (or favorite) Nordstrom store to shop with their game plan as soon as the doors opened at 7am. Now, of course, shopping is much more convenient. Early access started for cardmembers this past Thursday, and since working late is currently the norm for me I was still awake at midnight to shop the sale. I must admit that I did not initially see much in the catalog that interested me this year, but I was pleasantly surprised when the full sale selection became available. Please scroll through to see the items I purchased as well as some returning favorite recommendations from last year's sale. I can guarantee that I am not keeping everything, but I will be sure to follow up with how everything fits to hopefully provide some useful information. *Updated 7/26/18 with additional items!

These Vince flats were the only item in the catalog that really caught my eye this year. I love the classic orsay style, the sale price of $189.90 (after sale $295), and the five color options. I purchased black, as that is the color that I need right now, but was so tempted by this nude shade as well. You can shop all colors here.

My favorite Kenneth Cole wool wrap coat purchased last year is back at a sale price of $139.90 (after sale $220), this time in grey (which I have) and now black! It runs a little big, I have an extra small size and am very happy with the fit. You can see last year's post here for photos of the fit. I wear this perfect topcoat around my office pretty much nonstop from fall through spring, and you can shop it here.

Or, if you like brighter colors may I suggest this J.Crew topcoat with a sale price of $184.90 (after sale $278). If I did not already have my grey one above, I would seriously be considering one of these! There are five colors available including these gorgeous shades of royal blue and yellow, shop all colors here.

If you've been following me for a bit, you know that J Brand jeans are my favorites--particularly high-waisted pairs because they are just so flattering. This dark wash pair on sale for $99.90 (after sale $198) was worth checking out to see how this particular style fits. Shop this style here.

If you are into watches, you will appreciate this high quality Tory Burch timepiece. I stumbled upon the gold version of this watch earlier this year at Nordstrom Rack and could not pass up the price. Now you can get a killer deal on the rose gold version here and the gold/silver combo here, both $249.90 (after sale $375).

If you have been following my blog you know that I love leopard shoes: heels, flats, booties, give me all of the leopard shoes! My last pair of leopard flats wore out last spring, and this pair looks like they might be a great replacement. On sale for $84.90 (after sale $148.95), these flats are are available in not only leopard, but also navy tweed, beige & black leather. Shop all colors of the Topaz flat here.

This scallop sweater was another favorite piece from last year's sale that has returned at the same pricepoint of $39.90 (after sale $59), this time in six colors including a pretty soft pink and kelly green. I bought a size small last year and have been happy with its hip-length fit, you can check out last year's sale post to see more photos. Shop all colors here.

This midi coat looks like it could be an interesting lightweight layer, but to be honest I am not certain that the quality or fit will be what I want. However, at the sale price of $59.90 (after sale $89) this coat was worth a try and I will let you know how it fits!

These high-waist leggings are my go-to's for travel, as they are perfect to wear on the plane! I already have a black pair that I purchased last year, so this year I went with the navy in my usual extra small size but I also love the red. Shop all three colors on sale for $35.90 (after sale $54) here.

In addition to leggings, I also ordered this wrap hoodie jacket that I think will also be a perfect travel layer. It is on sale for $65.90 (after sale $99), only available in black, and I ordered both an extra small and a small to which size fits better. Shop this jacket here.

I also wanted a new white tank for barre classes or workouts, and picked up this Zella mesh tank for $24.90 (after sale $39). It's a great basic, also available in red and black, and you can shop all colors here.

The Asics Nimbus are my go-to running shoes. I have had many different versions over the years, and every pair has been an excellent quality shoe. My current pair are due for a replacement, so I picked up the grey version to try at the sale price of $119.90 (after sale $160). See all colors on sale here.

I have a pair of Dolce Vita black booties that I have worn to death over the last few years, and as they are literally falling apart I scrolled through the booties to see if I could find a suitable replacement. My requirements were a low heel (under 3 inches) and a shape/style that could be dressed up or down. This Steve Madden pair checked those boxes and at a sale price of $79.90 (after sale $119.95), I snapped up a pair in my usual size. Available also in white and taupe, you can shop all three colors on sale here.

I am realizing just how many pairs of shoes I purchased this year...but I will only be keeping my favorites/what fits the best and returning the rest. These last shoes are Cole Haan bow flats that I saw in my initial search, but somehow I missed that they were available in leopard and snakeskin! It was not until I went through a second time that I found these prints and ordered my size in both. These might be an exception where I keep both--I mean, leopard flats are my jam and look at that pink detail on the snakeskin! Crossing fingers they fit the same as other Cole Haan flats, because at a sale price of $99.90 (after sale $149.95) I am sure they will not last long. You can shop the 7 solid colors + snakeskin here and the leopard on its own page here.

Finally, this Nordstrom brand lingerie wash is what I use to wash all of my delicate items. It is hypoallergenic, and one bottle lasts me at least a year since you only need a capful for a medium load. At a sale price of only $11.90 (after sale $18), this is the perfect time to pick up a new bottle. I purchased the lavender fragrance, but there is also a fragrance free version. Shop this lingerie wash here.

That's it! I will be following up with another post detailing how everything fits after it arrives next week, but I would love to know if you shopped the Anniversary Sale this year and if so, what was your favorite purchase? Be sure to leave me a comment to let me know and I hope you have a great weekend!

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