Travel Log: Pompeii, Naples, Italy

I hope you have been enjoying my Italy posts! Today I want to share the final travel log of my Italy series, this one is focused on Pompeii and Naples. After spending a week in Tuscany and then a week on the Amalfi Coast, we drove back to Naples with a stop in Pompeii to tour the remains of this ancient city. We parked our rental car in a paid lot near the main Archaeological Park entrance, purchased tickets at the ticket booth and then negotiated a tour guide for our group. We spent a couple of hours touring the massive city ruins and learning about life before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Pompeii was a wealthy city with approximately 20,000 residents at the time of the eruption, so we saw a wide variety of remains that you would associate with a prosperous city: large ornate houses, roman baths, theaters, market stalls, temples, even a bakery with its brick oven still intact! It was so interesting to learn how Pompeii grew and evolved in early Roman times, up until the point of the eruption. Please read on for more photos taken around the historic city of Pompeii.

After our Pompeii tour, we drove to Naples to sample some pizzas and stay for one night before heading to Rome. We stayed in the Santa Lucia neighborhood, on the Via Partenope right on the water and were treated to beautiful views from our hotel balcony. For pizza, we went to Pizzeria Da Attilio and enjoyed six different pies that were all delicious! I love a good crispy crust from a wood fired oven, and this place did not disappoint. There was a little bit of a wait, but the staff was super friendly and let us purchase a bottle of wine to drink outside while we waited. Win-win.

 I hope you enjoyed this visual tour of Pompeii and a peek at Naples! This completes my Italy travel logs for this trip! After our one night in Naples, we took the train back to Rome for our final weekend in Italy. Since I have already posted several Rome travel logs (you can find them here), I am not creating additional posts on Rome, but I will share some pictures from an early morning photo shoot that one of my girlfriends and I did at several of Rome's biggest tourist attractions. I hope you have a great rest of your week, and thank you for visiting my blog today!

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